Julemanden bruger Digital Signage og skaber fantastisk oplevelse !!!

Microsoft and Virgin Atlantic Airways brought some special Christmas cheer to flyers on the airline’s London-to-Boston flight over the last weekend before Christmas.

Using projection digital signage tech, the airline showed the Christmas icon and his reindeer landing on top of the plane before St. Nick came into the plane through its special “Santa hatch,” visiting with passengers and taking Santa selfies with children, families and flight attendants before heading back out to his sled and “jetting back off into the night sky,” according to Virgin founder Richard Branson’s blog.

Before boarding, the passengers were given early Christmas presents from Microsoft — Windows tablets for all. The passengers could use the tablets to track Santa on NORAD’s Santa Tracker, and somewhere near the coast of Greenland, Santa’s sleigh caught up with the flight and he decided to come inside to say hello to the passengers, according to an announcement from Microsoft:

Via a series of projections onto the cabin ceiling, passengers watched the sleigh land on the aircraft before [Santa came] walking down the aisles, delighting children and taking selfies with surprised passengers. The passengers were then able to watch Santa prepare his crew for departure before heading off into the night sky.

“We wanted to offer something extra special for the families flying with us this Christmas, and who better to spread the Christmas cheer than Santa himself?” Virgin Atlantic Head of Customer Experience Debbie Hulme said in the Microsoft announcement. “We decided to partner with Microsoft as it was the only provider that could offer the breadth of cool technology that Virgin Atlantic passengers expect from us … Microsoft is also providing us with the analytics to look at how passengers interacted with the technology so we can work out what they enjoyed the most. This will enable us to continually improve and innovate. Expect to see more from Virgin Atlantic and Microsoft in 2015.”

“Through this experience we are looking to explore how the aircraft can be brought to life in different ways via the use of digital technologies to amplify the amazing service that is offered to customers today and how passengers engage after the flight,” Microsoft Connected Digital Services Creative Director Fred Warren said in the announcement. “We were able to give passengers a glimpse of what is possible from more immersive flight experiences.”

Watch a video from Virgin about Santa’s surprise visit here:


Hvordan bilforhandlere kan drage fordel af Digital Signage

Like any other industry, the auto sector is heavily reliant on consumer engagement for establishing brand awareness. This is an area where digital signage becomes a pivotal resource for creating a satisfying customer experience.

Of course, car dealership signage displays are nothing new. Many people have seen those large overhead signs outside the dealership that displays text information about the latest inventory lineup. However, there is so much more that can be done with signage displays especially when it comes to the auto industry.

The Role of Digital Signage in Car Dealerships

Think about some of the unconventional and interactive ways companies have incorporated digital signage into their PR foray. A lot of these marketing stints include interactive displays, games, and QR codes for downloading free content. Dealerships can adopt a similar approach within their facility to get consumers engaged and asking questions to pique their interest.

Dealership Signage Campaigns to Consider

Displays can be strategically placed throughout the lobby, waiting rooms, and showrooms. They are especially useful for events like car trade shows where a display can be positioned next to the featured car. Think about the type of content that can be displayed. Consider some of the following ideas:

      • A promo of the car zipping through a country road or narrow mountain path
      • A promo of the car being driven shown from the driver’s point of view
      • An interactive feature that allows users to change the car’s features, such as color and rims

The third point really deserves extra consideration. Consumers will more likely remember promotional content that contains some form of interactive display. Check out this video taken at an Audi expo.

It features an interactive showroom signage where customers can select a vehicle from the current lineup and look at a specific model. Using touchscreen features, customers can rotate the car to get a view from every angle, including a full close-up of different parts of the interior. They can also customize the car to their liking, such as making changes to the engine or changing the trim and leather of the upholstery.

Once all the modifications are made, consumers get a full summary report of the features and the suggested retail price of the car with all the selected customizations. What’s more, customers are also given a code to save the specs into their mobile device where they can share with their friends.

Digital displays can also be utilized in areas like the lobby to keep customers entertained while they wait for the next available dealer. Content in this instance can include current financing options, a synopsis of the latest model release, features that distinguish their brand from other manufactures, or even generic information like the weather or news.

Why Car Dealership Signage Displays Are Beneficial

The target audience in the auto sector is the same as the demographic in most other industries. They want something that will intrigue them, and ads like static signs and posters simply don’t captivate an audience. Digital displays that show the latest car commercial and incorporate interactive features are far more effective at creating curiosity and a desire to learn more. Once consumers are hooked, they will respond in kind, such as by talking directly with a dealer, enquiring about a specific model, visiting the dealer website, or sharing their experiences on social media.

The auto industry has everything to gain by making digital signage a regular part of their in-facility campaign. The demographic is one that compares brands and does a lot of research, so having a digital display rich in interactive content will certainly help influence their decision.

Informationsskærmes fordel i SMB markedet


Recent stories in publications like Business Week and Forbes are predicting continued growth for the U.S. economy in the coming year, meaning it’s a great time to invest in your small business. One of the newest and most cost-effective communication and marketing tools on the market today is digital signage.

Digital signage balances a high-tech appearance with an ease of use that cannot be matched by many other types of technology you currently utilize for your business. Without hiring a team of experts, you can take your small business to the masses and compete with larger corporations and chain stores in your community.

Digital Signage Benefits Small Business | AuroraDigitalSignage.com Digital Signage Benefits Small Business | AuroraDigitalSignage.com








Small business owners around the country have found that the flexibility of digital signage allows them to change their message as the need arises without the need to send a request up through a chain of managers. Efficient adaptation is key to business success – and digital signage provides it.

You may have noticed in waiting rooms you have visited that people in the room tend to watch the t.v. screen in view even if the program isn’t particularly interesting or even turned up loud enough to hear. In the same way, digital signage marketing will reach people in your business by simply being plugged in.

2015 is just around the corner, and your business can be first in line with signage that will catch potential customers’ attention and enhances their experience.

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