Why We Should Recommend an LCD Video Wall to Our Customer’s Busines

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Video walls represent one of the fastest-growing areas of the Digital Signage industry, and it’s only a matter of time before you start expressing an interest in these high-impact displays. But considering all the video wall technology available today, what type of display is best for you?

Far and away, the LCD video wall is the right choice for most customers. Of course, there will be the occasional end user who still requests a rear projection screen or needs LED arrays or DLP tiles for a highly customized display. But today’s LCDs offer the best resolution for the price, plus a whole host of other features, making them ideal for most video walls.

Consider these top reasons you should recommend an LCD video wall for your customer’s business:

1. Better aesthetics.

LCD video walls are hard to beat when it comes to a seamless, modern-looking appearance and crystal-clear display. That’s because HD LCDs offer industry-leading resolution, and displays that are designed for video walls have thinner bezels—the frames around each screen—than ever before. The result is a high-impact display that looks like one cohesive unit, rather than multiple disparate screens tied together.

2. More dynamic content.

LCD video walls can offer a broader range of content options, simply because the displays are so versatile. Video, still images, audio, text and more can be piped in from a network computer, streamed from YouTube, sourced from content providers and brought in from a variety of other sources. This helps to keep the content dynamic and relevant to the consumer.

3. Advanced features.

These days, video walls are all about interactivity. After all, it’s one of the best ways to engage consumers with a particular brand or product. So when you’re considering advanced features, keep interactive capabilities in mind.

Be sure that your customer is aware of some of the incredible advanced features that are available today:

  • Touchscreen interfaces: Enable users to scroll through product and wayfinding information, play games and engage with “infotainment” content

  • Gesture-recognition technology: Using Microsoft Kinect-like software, users can control various graphical elements on a video wall through gestures and body movements

  • Social media integration: Encourages users to share their thoughts, reviews and experiences through the video wall, providing an enhanced level of engagement to both the sharers and the viewers

4. Price.

Of course, the bottom line is one of the most compelling reasons to go with LCD. These screens have fallen significantly in price over the last several years, making them even more ideal for the multi-screen nature of a video wall. (After all, who wants to spend tens of thousands of dollars on the screens alone?)

As the price of LCDs continues to fall, video walls become a more viable option for a larger percentage of businesses.

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Video in Digital Signage attracts all audiences

Moving pictures have captivated audiences for more than a century. Animation and video bring a special level of entertainment that appeases all audience personas. Why? Watching a video requires minimal effort, and the information is easily absorbed and retained.

Video communications are a whopping 600-percent more effective than print and direct mail.¹ Viewers are accustomed to watching video through multiple mediums a day: TVs, computers, smartphones, mobile devices, etc. In fact, 60 percent of media viewers will watch a video before reading any text.¹

According to ReelSEO’s article, “2013 Video Marketing Survey & Business Video Trends Report,” 93 percent of marketers are using video in their campaigns, while 82 percent of them claim video has a positive impact on their business.¹ Luckily, advancements in technology have made it easy to bring this magical tool to your digital screens.

Video Relevance

The luxury of video on digital signage is similar to hosting your own television channel; the content options are endless. If you’re playing video to attract attention to your screens, make sure your content is relevant and appropriate. A veterinarian’s office isn’t likely to play celebrity gossip clips in the waiting room; instead they might opt for a video about proper ways to groom your pet.

The types of video used on digital signage should depend on sign location, audience and communication purposes. The lobby of a large business might opt to play a “welcome” video, while dentist offices or hair salons may play news clips. Internal, employee-facing signage minimizes training time by playing safety videos or training presentations, while trendy retail stores might play customer-created content or video promoting their upcoming specials.

Video Length

Shorter videos have a positive impact on viewers. Videos under one minute tend to have an 80-percent viewer retention up to the 30-second mark, while videos running at two-three minutes drop to a 60-percent retention rate.¹ So, stick to shorter videos to engage and create a positive impact on your viewers.

If you are creating the video in-house, be sure to display the most important information first — especially in high-traffic areas where viewers might only be able to catch the first clip of the video. Think of the beginning moments of the video as the prime time to communicate your message.

Video is one of the most effective ways to communicate complex information in a short time frame to all audiences. The motion graphics attract viewer attention, while the video content creates extended engagement.

(¹Source: ReelSEO.)


DISE Citibank 4K Video Wall, Hong Kong

See how digital signage software solutions for large scale, data driven, video walls has been used for this very impressive 4K LED wall at Citibank’s Wheelock House branch, Central District, Hong Kong.

Facing the street

We’ve made mention before that DISE (said software solution) is probably more well known, and much more widely used, in Asia than in Europe (at present, at least).

Two 1.9 mm LED screens are installed back to back, one displaying inside the branch (shown below) whilst the other faces the street (shown above), therefore serving both customers and staff inside the branch and the general public who pass by the bank.


The installation includes redundant display system architecture, real time information integration with stock prices, weather and breaking news, coupled with advance scheduling for displaying other content at specific time intervals.


The LED screens were also used as a digital backdrop during the branch’s re-opening ceremony.

Sig “Godt Nytår !” med Digital Signage

How can conveying New Year salutations with a digital signage advertising system win you more business? Find out now…

Digital signage doesn’t have to be all about advertising products & services, there is a benefit to using a ‘less is more approach’. Simply conveying a message wishing consumers a ‘happy New Year’ can have a powerful effect.

No matter what industry sector you’re in, whether it is retail, health & fitness, hospitality or healthcare, you can use a digital signage advertising system to good effect, wishing your customers a happy New Year.

Not only will you reap the benefits during January, your gesture will remain with customers throughout 2015, generating more business because they remember you.
Digital Signage Advertising
‘Screeninfo’s versatile Digital Signage Advertising System.’
Why Use a Digital Signage Advertising System to Say Happy New Year?

In your role as an individual, sometimes ‘you’ are a consumer and occasionally it’s nice to know that traders are not just after your cash, wouldn’t you agree?

In the aftermath of Christmas the coffers of many consumers will be low, especially until the next pay day. So, connecting with customers without pushing products or services is an excellent way to arouse interest in your business.

This is where a digital signage advertising system can serve your business well. How? You ask. By using it as a brand recognition tool.

Rather than selling a product or service, change tactics and sell yourself as a business by using a sincere ‘happy New Year’ message to connect with your audience.

Showing your audience that you value their custom is a much more attractive way of presenting yourself to customers. Why? They feel appreciated, less pressured to purchase from you and this benefits you because subconsciously your brand remains in their thinking.
Planting the Seeds

The purpose of using digital signage as a way of saying happy New Year is to sow seeds. Think of it as ‘planting your brand’ with a view to it bearing fruit throughout the year.

While consumers may not be in a position to purchase goods and services from you in the early weeks of 2015, a digital ‘happy New Year’ message keeps you in the spotlight.

If customers can associate your brand with a particular product or service of interest to them, your New Year salutations could translate into leads, sales & revenue, throughout 2015.
When the Novelty of New Year Wears Off

Beyond New Year salutations, a digital signage advertising system delivers multiple benefits, far more superior than other advertising platforms.

Most important to you as a business is that digital signage gives you ownership of your advertising, freeing your business from the shackles of advertising agencies, print media or other ‘traditional’ messaging platforms.

Traditional advertising methods command too much time, too much money and are susceptible to human error. Too much is out of your control.

Your own digital signage unit, Armagard’s 55” digital signage enclosure is a prime example, represents advertising freedom & flexibility for your business.
55″ Digital Signage Advertising System
‘Armagard’s Outdoor 55” Digital Signage Enclosure Unit.’

If you consider the constraints of using print media for example, you are at the mercy of their deadlines, you have no say in where your advertisement is positioned [unless you pay extra for the privilege] and printed publications have a limited shelf life, with no guarantee that you have hit the audience you intended.

A digital signage advertising system is not bound by such limitations. You can position your digital display in a location that generates the audience attention you desire, indoors or outside.
Indoor Digital Signage Advertising System
‘Armagard’s Indoor Digital Advertising System.’

You can quickly & conveniently change content to suit the needs of your business and advertise for an indefinite period of time. There’s no limit, no delays and no disruption. Keep your advertising flowing continuously all-year-round.
OK, Digital Signage Gives My Business Advertising Freedom. What Else?

More Exposure – How? Every other advertising platform sees you surrounded by other adverts. TV, newspapers, trade publications, even the internet are constantly flooded with messages that are suffocating yours.

A digital signage display removes the clutter, it’s a messaging system dedicated to your business only. No longer are you lost in the labyrinth, you have a system that is visible, clear and arguably, much more targeted than other platforms.

Various Revenue Streams – Aside from generating revenue as an advanced customer service unit at the point of sale, digital signage gives you a revenue stream no other media platform can offer. Your business can rent out a digital signage unit for a fee.

This is a unique way of reaping additional revenue and making money back on your investment.

Brand Recognition & Advertising Continuity – Traditional advertising methods have a shelf life. TV adverts get forgotten, newspapers are thrown away and your online advert is quickly replaced by the next customer on the conveyer belt.

Switch to digital signage, for example Armagard’s Outdoor Digital Signage unit, and benefit from a degree of permanency. Lasting 10 years or more, an opportunity exists to keep your brand in the spotlight constantly, building rapport and becoming familiar to audiences.
Digital Signage Advertising System

‘A Selection from Armagard’s Digital Signage Range.’
These Benefits are Great, But Isn’t Digital Signage Really Expensive?

Cost is often the deal breaker when it comes to digital signage installation, but we want to make it clear to you that digital signage is inexpensive.

We won’t lie to you, installing a digital signage network will require a reasonable investment. However, the long-term savings represent great business in terms of total cost of ownership, which will make your accountant and your boss very happy.

If you were to total up the advertising spend of your business over the last 10 years, chances are it would far outweigh the cost of installing and maintaining a digital signage network.

Great Savings – Using other advertising platforms, besides digital signage, is like renting a house, you’re paying someone else for the privilege, without actually owning anything. You’re simply paying for space.

With a digital signage system, you have ownership. No longer are you throwing money at traditional advertising methods expecting different results.

The limitations of ‘old-school’ advertising are quashed by the ability of digital signage to ‘reach’ further while costing less.
How Does Digital Signage Compare?

Digital Signage vs Advertising Agencies – A recent study – released by www.britishdesign.co.uk – reveals that the average cost a creative design agency should charge a client is £38,000 ($58,000 or €48,000) PER YEAR.

In comparison, a 2011 study from Wirespring reveals that the average cost of one digital signage system, operating for three years, totals $3,511 (£2,200 or €2,900).

Already, you can see that digital signage installation represents far better value for money.

Digital Signage vs TV, Print and Online Advertising – Digital Signage is a one off investment, there are no additional costs for changing content. However, traditional advertising methods limit you to one advert, if your business wanted to add more you pay per advert.

Over the course of 12 months, paying for prime space online or in print will lead to substantial costs.

The same can be said of paying for TV air time during peak hours. For example, using ITV to advertise to the whole of the UK during the early evening news, would set you back £24,667 ($37,000 or €31,500).
Your Future is Digital

The simple act of saying ‘happy New Year’, digitally, can lead to a prosperous 2015 and future years. Your audience is ready for digital signage. How do we know? Because Intel tells us that in 2015 there will be 22 million digital signage displays used worldwide.

It is becoming a messaging favourite across industry sectors purely because of the audience reach it has.

Julemanden bruger Digital Signage og skaber fantastisk oplevelse !!!

Microsoft and Virgin Atlantic Airways brought some special Christmas cheer to flyers on the airline’s London-to-Boston flight over the last weekend before Christmas.

Using projection digital signage tech, the airline showed the Christmas icon and his reindeer landing on top of the plane before St. Nick came into the plane through its special “Santa hatch,” visiting with passengers and taking Santa selfies with children, families and flight attendants before heading back out to his sled and “jetting back off into the night sky,” according to Virgin founder Richard Branson’s blog.

Before boarding, the passengers were given early Christmas presents from Microsoft — Windows tablets for all. The passengers could use the tablets to track Santa on NORAD’s Santa Tracker, and somewhere near the coast of Greenland, Santa’s sleigh caught up with the flight and he decided to come inside to say hello to the passengers, according to an announcement from Microsoft:

Via a series of projections onto the cabin ceiling, passengers watched the sleigh land on the aircraft before [Santa came] walking down the aisles, delighting children and taking selfies with surprised passengers. The passengers were then able to watch Santa prepare his crew for departure before heading off into the night sky.

“We wanted to offer something extra special for the families flying with us this Christmas, and who better to spread the Christmas cheer than Santa himself?” Virgin Atlantic Head of Customer Experience Debbie Hulme said in the Microsoft announcement. “We decided to partner with Microsoft as it was the only provider that could offer the breadth of cool technology that Virgin Atlantic passengers expect from us … Microsoft is also providing us with the analytics to look at how passengers interacted with the technology so we can work out what they enjoyed the most. This will enable us to continually improve and innovate. Expect to see more from Virgin Atlantic and Microsoft in 2015.”

“Through this experience we are looking to explore how the aircraft can be brought to life in different ways via the use of digital technologies to amplify the amazing service that is offered to customers today and how passengers engage after the flight,” Microsoft Connected Digital Services Creative Director Fred Warren said in the announcement. “We were able to give passengers a glimpse of what is possible from more immersive flight experiences.”

Watch a video from Virgin about Santa’s surprise visit here: